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Yes, 5 Days DEO can be used during pregnancy.

Yes. 90% of users confirm that 5 Days DEO works for exactly 5 days. However, if you are a very active person, this may shorten the duration of the product’s operation. In this case, we recommend the application every 3 days.

No, 5 Days DEO does not contain parabens.

No, all ingredients are safe and harmless. The product is approved by the Danish allergy association (Asthma Allergi Danmark).

No, 5 Days DEO is completely odorless, so you can use it with your favorite antiperspirant or perfume.
With normal use (every 5 days), the deodorant should last for 5-6 months.

Yes, you can shower or bath as is while using 5 Days DEO. Contact with water has no effect on the performance of the product.

No, 5 Days DEO does not clog pores, it only makes them smaller.

The products PH Value is 7.5.

Yes, but for the best results, we recommend applying 5 Days DEO before going to bed – your body is not active during sleep, which gives the product the ability to neutralize bacteria most effectively.
Yes. In some cases, using the product more than every 5 days is needed. 90% of users say that 5 Days DEO works for exactly 5 days, the remaining 10% need to apply the product more often than every 5 days.

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5 Days DEO contains alcohol. If you are allergic to alcohol, we do not recommend using this product.

No, 5 Days DEO does not leave marks on clothes.

The main task of 5 Days DEO is to prevent the smell of sweat, so we saw no need to add fragrance to the product.

No, 5 Days DEO has only been tested on humans

There is no difference in composition, however, from a psychological point of view, people usually prefer to identify the gender for which a product is intended, rather than using unisex products. That’s why we created 5 Days DEO in blue for men and pink for women.

5 Days DEO contains 3 ingredients which aim to protect the skin – glycerin, propylene glycol and alcloxa. The only ingredient that could cause a burning or reddening of the skin is alcohol.
No, 5 Days DEO does not dry out the skin.

Yes, because 5 Days DEO does not smell.

We are so convinced of the effectiveness of our product that we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. The warranty can be found in the product packaging.

What should I do if I want to return a product?

5 Days DEO offers a money back guarantee valid for 30 days.

If you wish to return a product, you may do so within 30 days of receiving the product. Send the product to this address:

5 Days Deo Info her

Remember to attach a copy of the invoice.

Product after use: If you are not satisfied with the 5 Days DEO, you can return the product within 30 days (the bottle should still contain at least 2/3 of the original liquid). Complete the warranty certificate with your personal details and attach a copy of the invoice.

If all requirements are met, we will send your money back via bank transfer once we receive the product as soon as possible.

Remember to use the product according to the instructions. 90% of users believe that 5 Days DEO works for exactly 5 days, for the remaining 10% of users this period varies between 3 and 7 days. If you are a person for whom the product works for 3 days, it is naturally recommended to repeat the application more often than every 5 days. If you feel that 5 Days DEO is not working as it should, try applying the product 2 days in a row to neutralize any bacteria that may be present on your skin.

Also make sure your clothes are not causing the odor as they may still smell of sweat despite regular washing.

Yes. To test the product, we hired a well-known company – Statcon Aps in the city of Kokkedal. 100 participants were selected for the test, who were informed that the product was supposed to eliminate the smell of sweat. However, only 50 bottles contained 5 Days DEO while a different substance was poured into the remaining 50 bottles. 50 participants who received the original product said that after 10 days of testing the product worked 91.7% of the time. The other half of the participants noticed no change in 93.7% of the cases. These results proved that 5 Days DEO is working as it should.

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