Why does sweat smell bad?

In fact, sweat has no smell whatsoever. The unpleasant odor we know actually comes from the bacteria on the skin that metabolize the sweat secreted from the sweat glands.

This smell comes mainly from the apocrine glands in the armpits, which secrete a thick, greasy sweat rich in proteins and lipids that bacteria feed on.

5 Days DEO is based on a breakthrough technology, which means that sweat does not emit any odor for up to 5 days – 100% effective, even after a bath!

5 Days DEO neutralizes the bacteria present in the sweat glands and prevents their reproduction and activity.

No active bacteria = no sweat odor.

If used correctly, 5Days DEO will make the sweat odorless for up to 5 days.

Apply 5 Days DEO in the evening to where you feel the need, on clean and dry skin – so that the ingredients can be absorbed into the sweat glands overnight. To achieve the best results, we recommend using 5 Day DEO before going to bed, because your body is not in motion, so the product will most effectively neutralize active bacteria.

5 Days DEO has no fragrance so you can use it with your favorite antiperspirant or perfume.

As a Danish product, 5 Days DEO has been tested by the Danish allergy association (Asthma Allergi Danmark) and obtained the highest score in the consumer council “Tænk Kemi”.

5 Days DEO Feet & Body is designed to be used on the feet to keep you cool and dry, but it can also be used in shoes, under the breasts, and on other parts of the body wherever you feel the need.

Money Back Guarantee!
We are so convinced of the effectiveness of our product that we guarantee your satisfaction – or your money back.

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