The composition of the product reduces the formation of sweat and completely removes the smell of
sweat for up to 5 days. Its effect is 100% effective even during daily showering!

For men
30ml. roll-on deodorant

for woman
30ml. roll-on deodorant


I can also only recommend, I have the product for 3 days and the effect is great compared to others… and for sure the product is not same as Driclor (when I applied Driclor my whole armpit felt like it is on fire plus it was itching, as the product includes a lot of aluminium) and it still was not as effective as this product.


If used regularly (as recommended) the results are 100%! It really is a great product and it really works, even when I forget to apply it (then it’s not 100%) but that is my fault. When instructions are followed the product works 120% which makes me super happy – I definitely recommend to try, I will for sure order again.


100% satisfied…. I only have it since last week, but it is truly great product. I was really getting annoyed by the scents of the antiperspirants. 5 Days DEO fits me perfectly. I am definitely ordering again in future.

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