The product is suitable for both men and women. There is no difference in the composition of the product. Most people prefer cosmetic products divided by gender. That is why we produce 5 Days DEO for men and women, which are color-coded.

The creator of the product is Claus Greiffenberg. He finished his studies as chiropractor in the year 1996. Subsequently he followed up his studies with various courses in regards of human body, health and its functions.
Everything regarding 5 Days DEO started in the year 2008. Claus knew that sweat by itself doesn’t have a smell and the cause of the smell is bacteria that is located on our skin. He had an idea that if he could manage to eliminate the bacteria that causes the smell then the sweat would be completely without smell for all of us.5 Days DEO came to see the light of the world with unique formula that proved to be completely harmless and that’s why it got awarded by certificate from Astma Allergi Danmark.

In year 2010 5 Days DEO got on the shelves of the biggest cosmetic shop chain in Denmark – MATAS. 5 Days DEO became overnight a “MUSE HAVE” product. 5 Days DEO gained very fast a great reputation n between the customers. After the initial success in Denmark, 5 days DEO expanded to other countries such as- Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland or Germany.

During his studies, Claus Greiffenberg has found out that most of the deodorants contain harmful chemicals in order to achieve the effect of eliminating the sweat smell. It was then when he said to himself: “Can this problem be approached in different way?” That was the moment when he got the idea for 5 Days DEO formula.
His inspiration was his grandfather who has pharmacist. His focus was on various skin problems and diseases, for which, he developed his own special ointments that were neutralizing the environment where the bacteria was present. The ointments helped for faster healing of skin. He thought:” Is it then possible to neutralize the environment in the sweat glands?” That’s how he developed 5 Days DEO – now, one of the most effective and one of the most harmless products of its kind in the market today.



The creator of the product is Claus Greiffenberg. Thanks to him, you never have to be worried about sweat smell again.

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