Life without 
sweat smell

It’s no secret that each one of us would much rather get rid of the sweat smell for good. Deodorant 5 Days DEO will make this wish come true for up to five days per application. And all that without parabens, without scent and without harming your body.


Yes, it’s true, we all sweat. Tough men, but also gentle women. There is no difference in the ingredients. Most of people prefer the cosmetics products to be distinct in regards of sex. That is a reason why we also make 5 Days DEO for men and for women, that are differentiated by colour.


5 Days DEO company has originated in Denmark in 2010. Since then the company has managed to expand to various countries such as – Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland or Germany.


5 Days DEO has been brought to “life” with unique formula that is completely harmless and that is the reason why the product has immediately been approved by Danish association Astma Allergi Danmark. 5 Days DEO is one of few products that has achieved such delightful results.


Sweat by itself doesn’t, in reality, have any smell. The smell that all of us know comes from bacteria. This kind of bacteria is completely common on human skin. 5 Days DEO neutralizes the bacteria on our skin and stops its activity.

The composition of the product completely eliminates the sweat smell up to 5 days Its effect is 100% even after every day showering!


We are so sure about our product that we will give you your money back if you claim the product does not work as we say! Money guarantee certificate comes with each 5 Days DEO product. Check out the reviews from our customers.


I can also only recommend, I have the product for 3 days and the effect is great compared to others… and for sure the product is not same as Driclor (when I applied Driclor my whole armpit felt like it is on fire plus it was itching, as the product includes a lot of aluminium) and it still was not as effective as this product.


If used regularly (as recommended) the results are 100%! It really is a great product and it really works, even when I forget to apply it (then it’s not 100%) but that is my fault. When instructions are followed the product works 120% which makes me super happy – I definitely recommend to try, I will for sure order again.


100% satisfied…. I only have it since last week, but it is truly great product. I was really getting annoyed by the scents of the antiperspirants. 5 Days DEO fits me perfectly. I am definitely ordering again in future.


 5 Days DEO is suitable to be applied to all parts of the body, including armpits or feet. Don’t be afraid to take your shoes off anymore!

Remember, the instructions about how to apply the product are very important. In some cases, it is necessary to apply product more than every five days. 90% of the customers claim that the product works exactly five days, the rest 10% claims that product lasts in between three to seven days after application.

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